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FACT! A study has shown that women who exercised during pregnancy had a 30% shorter active labour than those who didnt exercise.
If that's not a good enough reason to keep activity levels up, then there's lots of other benefits too!

Exercising during pregnancy can help improve energy levels, relaxation, maintain a good level of CV fitness, strengthen the body in preparation for labour (and beyond), and decrease recovery time. It can also help reduce or prevent back pain, excessive weight gain, anxiety, leg cramps, incontinence and varicose veins. Plus so many more benefits!


Inspired by Carly offers 1-to-1 sessions throughout the pregnancy (including post natal) tailored specifically to your Trimester & individual needs. I also give guidance on foods / calorie intake to help you to try to get the best nutrition for you & your baby. As well as being qualified academically in this subject, I have "real life" experience having a young baby myself! Sessions are around 45 minutes & include a mix of cardio, resistance & stretching.


Individual sessions - £20

Block of 10 sessions - £180

Contact Carly for more details

Inspired by Carly 07956 525310