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About Power-Plate & costs
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Benefits of WBV Training

Whole Body Vibration training (e.g. Power-Plate) benefits the mind as well as the body. Its convenient, quick & safe to use, plus is founded on over 30 years research.

1) Time saving - Power-Plate activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously so effective results can be achieved by doing 15-30 minute sessions (as apposed to spending an hour in the gym, for example.)

2) Encourages weight loss - The training intensifies fat burning & improves the base metabolism (along with making dietary changes.)

3) Improves strength, stamina & co-ordination - Power-Plate training activates almost 100% of the muscle fibres at one time, plus the increased blood flow improves circulation & flexibility. Reaction times are also improved.

4) Encourages the release of "happy" hormones - Endorphins are released after exercise, giving the "feel good" factor. Also, the end of session massage exercises help improve the appearance of cellulite.

15 min sessions (exclusive to new clients only)

Block of 10 15min "BLT" blaster sessions (bums, legs & tums) - only £95! **available off peak only Mon/Weds/Fri 10am-2pm (excludes massage / relaxation)

30 min sessions
Block of 10 30min 1-to-1 sessions -  only £150!* (saving of £25)

Block of 20 30min 1-to-1 sessions - £275* (saving of £75)

*All subsequent Power-Plate blocks will be eligible for a 10% loyalty discount if there are no breaks in the training. Blocks have to be paid upfront in full.

60 minute full Personal Training also available......

Click here for Personal Training info


"My physio & I have really seen a difference in my back / neck soreness since I started using Power-Plate. I hate missing a session!" - Donna, Black Notley

Got your own Plate but need help? Click here..

"I am losing a pound a week since undertaking the sessions with Carly" - Lisa, 39, Great Notley

Common Q & A
  1. How does it work?

A. Whilst you do different exercises, the platform encourages your muscles to contract & relax at the same rate at which it is vibrating - i.e. very quickly!

       2.  How often can I use the plate?

A. The recommendation is 2-3 times per week if possible, though it can be used as much as every other day (treat as with conventional strength training.) Once results are achieved or if you have special conditions to consider, 1 session per week may suffice.

       3.  When will I see results?

A. Everybody is different! General well being & mood can be improved after just 1 session. Long term physical changes can normally be noticed within 6 weeks. Ideally, you should incorporate cardiovascular activity as well.

      4. Why come to Inspired by Carly?

A. I am a qualified Personal Trainer with 12 years involvement in Whole Body Vibration training, so I am best placed to give you the appropriate exercises AND keep you motivated!

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